“I was lucky enough to work with Josh at the huddersfield Giants for a few years.”

After several injuries and operations it was Josh who helped me recover, lose weight and get back to match fitness, his energy and optimism always helped spur me on and his knowledge gave me confidence that over time the training and diet would get me back into shape. Not only would I say josh is a great strength and conditioning coach but I consider him a friend that took it as a personal challenge to get the best out of me, after the injuries I had I wouldn’t have been able to get back to where I wanted to be without him.

Eorl Crabtree

Huddersfield Giants

“I started being trained by Josh a year ago when I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted from planning my own workouts and nutrition.”

We have achieved multiple goals in this year and I am way ahead of where I thought I could be. My motivation hasn’t dipped and when I do have an issue with my training, Josh always has the solution. I look forward to my sessions with Josh as he keeps the training varied and always pushes me.

George Rawlinson

“I first contacted Josh through online training as I needed a new direction with my training.”

I was looking for alternative training methods that would ensure I progressed but also kept me interested and focused! Josh was more than accommodating of my vegetarian based diet and easily adaptable so my nutrition was boring either! I saw great results throughout my time with Josh and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a 1-1, group or online coach!

Becky Greenwood

“I approached Josh for online coaching in the summer of 2017…”

I had found I had plateaued with my training and nutrition and was no longer getting the results I wanted. Through Josh’s help I decreased my body fat, got leaner, stronger and changed my lifestyle for the better. I now have a much healthier mindset alongside my physique and feel great!

Holly Gardiner

“I was put in contact with Josh through a family member 10 weeks prior to my wedding.”

I wanted to get into shape as quick as possible so I could feel and look my best on my wedding day. During our time I lost over a stone in body fat, was stronger than I’d ever been and in the best shape of my life! I will definitely be using Josh again in the near future and would recommend him to anyone looking to transform their physique!

Rob Craven

“I was fortunate enough to work with Josh at Huddersfield Giants when he was just a fresh faced S&C and I knew straight away he had the drive and ambition to go all the way to the top of his profession.”

Having watched Josh progress from the Giants to Salford and even working with the England RL set up doesn’t surprise me he has achieved so much already at such a young age. I would recommend anyone to approach Josh to help and steer them in their desired route in health and fitness!

Shaun Lunt

Hull Kingston Rovers

“I Just want to say… A massive thank you for putting up with me this year.”

I literally couldn’t have done it without you… You are a man that knows his stuff and from following it I was able to feel 100% body confident on the day of my wedding and that’s all I wanted so thank you so so much!!


Grace Lunt

“Finding a coach isn’t easy…”

I needed a coach… Not just “tell” me what to do but why. Without such understanding, I knew I wouldn’t sustain the step change required. During it time I have suffered various injuries (broken wrist, lower back issues) all of which Josh has been able to work around an implement a training programme to accommodate my needs.

I wanted a coach who’d experience in professional sport, – not just in the gym, – to give me the confidence required in his instruction Josh met all of these requirements, and – importantly – he’s good fun as well! The results?  A 2-size reduction in dress size, an improvement in muscle:body fat ratio and a sustainable change in lifestyle.  Not bad for someone who hated exercise!

Sylvia Sellen

“It’s been 3 months since my partner and I started training with Josh…”

Since then we have seen great improvements in our general health and body shape/composition. Josh was very approachable, friendly and he listened to what we wanted to achieve. The diet plan doesn’t & quote “shouldn’t” feel like you’re on a “diet” and we both enjoy our daily meals on plan. Josh is very knowledgeable and adapts to our changing needs. He pushes us to our limits in training sessions & we have improved week on week. I would highly recommend Coach JT to others.

Benji Philpott

“I first started working with Josh in February of 2017 coming off the back of an injury.”

The Trek team’s S&C coach who is based in Wales contacted Josh as he lived local to my home village and knew he could train me regularly following his plan and could give me more contact time as I couldn’t always make the trip to Wales. Following the plan and working 1-1 we looked to increase my strength which would cross over to my performance on the bike, needless to say that when I returned to racing for the World Cup and World championships, I not only felt stronger but my sprint and endurance performance improved also!

I would definitely recommend Josh to any athlete wanting to improve their performance!

Kade Edwards

Trek Factory DH Racing

“My 2017 fitness goal was to step on the physique stage as a bikini competitor, through the guidance of Josh I was able to do this and placed 2nd in my first ever show!”

I first began being coached by Josh after I became unhappy with the results i’d got from my previous coach, constantly feeling lethargic, no energy and really not enjoying the process as I wanted to and was still 18 weeks out from my show!

I turned to Josh 10 weeks out from the show and he filled me with the confidence I needed to enjoy the process of training and nutrition again. Josh used the science based background he has, along with his experience of working at the top level of professional sport to implement the training and nutritional demands I needed to hit the stage in peak condition. If you are looking to compete, I would definitely recommend Josh!

Sophie Armitage