I’d like to welcome you to my website and to firstly introduce myself to those who do not know me and give you a little insight as to my background and what I’m about…

I am Josh Taylor, a professional strength and conditioning coach from Huddersfield, UK.

My passion for the health and fitness industry came from an early age, experimenting with various sports from rugby union, football, swimming and cricket. My first real love for sport came through rugby league aged 11. After representing England colleges, England students, gaining a scholarship at University and playing part time professionally whilst studying I actually decided I was fascinated by how the body worked, how it responded to various training methods, nutrition etc and wanted to explore career options applying my trade in the strength and conditioning industry.

During my sports science degree at Northumbria University I completed a work placement at my local professional rugby league club The Huddersfield Giants. Upon completion of my degree I was fortunate to be offered a part time job as the head of academy strength and conditioning aged 21. Unfortunately there were no full time positions available at the time and therefore looked further afield and was asked to Join the Salford Red Devil’s as the first team assistant strength and conditioning coach under Richard Hunwicks. This role lasted 2 years where I took control as Head strength and conditioning coach for 3 months before finishing the season.

I then moved back to The Huddersfield Giants, this time taking up a position with the first team. During my time here I was fortunate to be asked to lead the England academy strength and conditioning in preparation for a test series in Australia in the summer of 2016.

In November 2016 I decided I wanted to pursue a self employed career, working with members of the public to help achieve their health and fitness goals along with consulting to numerous sports teams including England RL and Trek DH factory mountain biking team.

My aim is simple, use the experience and knowledge I have gained through a career as a strength and conditioning coach in professional sport, which is underpinned and backed by a sports science / strength and conditioning degree and apply this to promote health and fitness to as wide an audience as possible.

This website is here to provide information and education to anyone looking to enhance their skills in the field of health and fitness and down the line will be including contributions from leaders and experts in there respected areas to target anyone from your recreational runner looking to improve their marathon time right through to an elite athlete looking to use nutrition to peak for competition.

I welcome all feedback so please feel free to head to the contact page and drop me an email on your likes / dislikes and what sort of content you would like from me in the future. You can also head to the ‘programmes’ section and purchase any pre written plans if you’re not too bothered about an individually tailored plan and are simply looking for something to follow at your own convenience!