I am yet to meet anyone who has never experienced a dodgy stomach after eating a meal that for whatever reason hasn’t ‘agreed’ with them. Now, although we can’t avoid it altogether and getting an upset stomach is inevitable at some stage in our life, I reckon most of us would benefit from unnecessary trips to the toilet and not having to nurse a rear end looking like the Japanese flag!

Gut inflammation and stress occurs when our bodies don’t agree with the foods we’ve eaten and unfortunately the signs are only there once you’ve had your meal. But what if I was to point you in the direction of a list of foods that saves you the worry…

Let me introduce, FODMAP.

What is FODMAP??

FODMAPs are no set kind of food, instead they are short chain carbohydrates that tend to be poorly absorbed by the small intestine during digestion and as a result often produce an irritated gut, and for anyone currently suffering with IBS can wreak absolute havoc!

Ideally we now want to consume low FODMAP foods which give us less chance of stomach upsets and bloating.

So where does this all link in with our immune systems and battling common colds and sickness bugs?
Approximately 70% of the cells in our gut wall make up our immune system, so if our gut health is taken care of, the immune system can get to work on its job of fighting off bad bacteria entering the body leaving us fit and healthy to go about or day to day lives!!

Applying low FODMAP foods in a practical setting couldn’t be easier. Each macronutrient we consume (proteins, carbs, fats) all contain foods which rate high – low on the FODMAP scale.
For less gastric stress simply choose ‘low’ options from each of them and I guarantee that almost instantly you’ll feel re-energised and will never revert back to your old ways again!!

Now you’ve sorted your gut health and your immune system is in check, this is when you really see the benefits from your training. All the extra effort your body was going through previously through gut irritation and inflammation and trying to fight off bad bacteria entering the body can now be spent on the recovery process after training sessions. The better our recovery from training, the more we can adapt and progress.

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